Vortex Blade Variable Speed Immersion Blender

The PADERNO Variable Speed Immersion Blender is versatile and powerful, making your food prep tasks easy. The blender attachment is perfect for pureeing soups and sauces. Use the whisk attachment for quick whipped cream and fluffy eggs. Mincing vegetables and chopping nuts is easy with the mini-chopper attachment.
Technical Details
  • Versatile and powerful
  • 10 speed settings for precise control
  • Includes: Whisk Attachment for whipping, 1 L Blender Cup for mixing and measuring, and 300 mL Mini Chopper
  • Blender attachment with BPA-free plastic foot
  • Safe for blending in non-stick pots or bowls
  • Twist-release assembly for easily connecting attachments
  • Ergonomic soft grip design for comfortable operation during long-term use
  • Vortex Blade Technology is specially-designed to circulate food while blending
  • 400 W

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
new blender.

I am enjoying my PADERNO Variable Corded Hand blender w/ Vortex B. I like the weight and the various speed features. I used the large cup blender with nots and seeds and it was done in very little time.

Il en vaut largement le prix

J'ai achet ce mlangeur il y a quelques semaines, plusieurs melangeurs me sont pass entre les mains (chez moi comme au travail). Celui-l est nettement le meilleur. j'ai vraiment vue la diffrence lors d'un "incident" de cuisine. Je prparait une soupe aux pois pour 60 personnes et parce que quelqu'un l'avait parti a l'eau froide les pois allaient manquer de cuisson l'heure H. Me disant que j'avait rien a perdre j'ai transfer rapidement mes pois a moiti cuit dans un chaudron plus petit et le temps de le dire mon paderno avait regl le probleme et j'ai re-balanc a dans la soupe. La majorit des autre modele dispo sur le march n'auraient pas t capable de gerer a.

Immersion blender

Be careful getting it out of the box!! The blender head can fall out when pulling it out. The plastic foot is very brittle and can break if dropped. I dropped mine and broke it. The warranty was excellent and Paderno exchanged the whole unit!!
This blender is very powerful, works superbly and the variable speed is great, however the stiffness of the power cord is a bit of a nuisance and is a definite drawback.

Chopper attachment has cheap plastic

I bought this about a year ago thinking the higher price tag would give me a better quality product.

While the hand blender and motor are working fine and I expect I can probably still use it for a long time, I am disappointed to note that the plastic components that attach the blender to the chopper attachment have worn out, So I can no longer use that and need to look for a spare or buy something else.

Paderno immersion blender

Bought this blender after my other blender, that I had for 15 yrs, died. I was looking to replace it but the model did not exist anymore. I bought this one and love it. The single high speed and variable speed options work very well and provide the ability to blend whatever you like and the deep blending jug prevents spillage. The food processor attachment works the same as a single stand alone processor only smaller volume. I have not tried the whisk attachment so cannot comment. This is a great purchase and worth the money.